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Plinko is a classic arcade-style casino game that was first popularized on the game show “The Price is Right.” It has since become a staple at both online and land-based casinos.

The game features a large pegged board with a series of rows and columns. Players drop a chip from the top of the board and watch as it bounces down, hitting pegs along the way. Where the chip lands at the bottom determines the prize amount won.

Software ProviderHacksaw Gaming
Min Bet$1.00 (NZD)
Max Bet$100 (NZD)
Top Win3739x
ThemeBoard Games

Plinko offers adjustable risk levels – low, medium and high. The higher the risk, the lower the chances of winning but with bigger potential payouts. Lower risk provides better odds but smaller wins.

The crypto version of Plinko uses Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies for betting. It offers much larger maximum payouts than the TV game show, sometimes up to 10 BTC. This makes it popular among crypto gamblers.

While the classic Plinko game relies wholly on chance, players have some control over risk management. They can also employ certain strategies around optimal chip drop locations to influence payouts.

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Plinko Game Features

While the gameplay itself is straightforward, Plinko incorporates several compelling features that make the experience even more engaging.

  • Customizable risk levels
  • Leaderboards for competition
  • Social elements like chat
  • Themed visuals and sounds
  • Mobile optimization
  • Provably fair randomness

These features cater to different player motivations and preferences, from risk-taking to socializing. Versatile themes, betting options, and provable fairness also attract players. Ultimately the adrenaline rush of watching the disc fall, combined with the anticipation of hitting a big win, is what brings players back.

Pros and Cons of Plinko Crypto Game

Crypto Plinko games that allow you to wager and win cryptocurrency have emerged as an exciting new category in online gambling. However, while these Bitcoin and altcoin-powered versions offer some benefits over traditional casino games, there are also notable downsides to evaluate before playing.


  • Fast payouts in crypto
  • Anonymity for players
  • Innovative provably fair systems
  • Ability to win free cryptos
  • Fun and simple game format


  • High volatility of crypto value
  • Some regulatory uncertainty
  • Potential KYC requirements
  • House edge still favors the casino
  • Outright gambling is banned in some jurisdictions

RTP and Volatility

The RTP (Return to Player) of Plinko is typically very high, around 99%. This means on average 99% of money wagered is returned to players in winnings over time. RTP for Plinko by Hacksaw Gaming can vary from 96.02% up to 98.98% depending on the settings.


Plinko has adjustable volatility based on the risk level chosen. Players can alternate between low, medium and high risk options.

At higher risk levels, the volatility increases – meaning less frequent payouts but possibility of much bigger wins up to 1000x the stake. Lower risk provides more consistent small/medium payouts but reduced chance of huge payouts.

Provably Fair game

Provably fair Plinko uses cryptographic techniques to prove the game’s randomness to players. A random “server seed” is combined with the player’s own “client seed” to generate the Plinko drop outcomes in a way that can be verified but not predicted in advance. After seeing the results, players can use the seeds to recreate the exact drop path and confirm it wasn’t tampered with by the house. Platforms like Rollbit and MintDice offer provably fair Plinko games that show players they haven’t stacked the odds, building trust in the gameplay.

Offering verifiable fairness is a key innovation from crypto casinos. Players can enjoy classic games like Plinko with the confidence of knowing the results are truly random, not fixed by the house. This leads to a more engaging player experience and sets a new standard for transparency in online gambling. Provably fair Plinko is leading this change towards more ethical and player-focused gaming.

Risk Level

Based on the search results, Plinko offers players the ability to choose different risk levels that impact their potential rewards and chances of winning. Here is a summary:

Plinko risk levels allow players to customize their risk-reward ratio based on their preferences and bankroll size. Players can choose low, medium or high risk options:

  • Low risk provides a great chance of winning, but with more modest potential payouts. This is good for players with smaller bankrolls looking to extend playtime. However, wins will be small.
  • Medium risk reduces the chances of winning, but payouts can be larger. This balances risks and rewards for those seeking bigger wins without as much downside.
  • High risk gives players the chance for huge payouts if they win, but the odds of winning are quite low. This option is best for thrill-seekers with large bankrolls who can withstand losses while hunting for a rare big jackpot.

Strategically, low-risk Plinko extends playtime and is safer, while high-risk can yield exciting rewards but eat up your bankroll rapidly with likely losses. Choosing the right risk level for your preferences and bankroll size is key.

Number of lines and coefficients

I advise you to start playing Plinko in the demo. This will help you try out all 9 variations of the ball game with different stakes.

The table below shows the proportions and Plinko in the three modes.

80.5 – 5.60.4 – 130.2 – 29
90.7 – 5.60.5 – 180.2 – 43
100.5 – 8.90.4 – 220.2 – 76
110.7 – 8.40.5 – 240.2 – 120
120.5 – 100.3 – 330.2 – 170
130.7 – 8.10.4 – 430.2 – 260
140.5 – 7.10.2 – 580.2 – 420
150.7 – 150.3 – 880.2 – 620
160.5 – 160.3 – 1100.2 – 1000

Obviously, on 16 lines and in high-risk level mode, the probability of winning is drastically reduced. Most of the scale cells at the base of the pyramid are occupied by x0.2 multipliers. Even if the ball lands in the fourth side slot, the bettor will still get no more than x9.

In my opinion, playing with the maximum number of lines and a high level of risk is only worthwhile if you have a large sum of money on hand. The player’s task is to place the minimum bets to earn their money for as long as possible. A win by x1000 will make up for the first dozen rounds without success.

It is in this format that the automatic game has its advantages. For example, to get a ratio of x1000 at least once, I had to use practically the entire demo deposit and spend more than 30 minutes in the game.

Plinko Versions

The game is currently available in several versions. I tried all the models in the demo, but I liked the BGaming variation the best. This version, in my opinion, has the best interface, an easy-to-use control panel, and a functional mobile version. I had no problems playing through my browser, although you can download Plinko as a casino app from the 1win website.

Alternative models have their own special features:

  • Plinko BGaming. My screenshots show this particular version of the ball game.
  • Plinko Spribe. The Georgian studio offered its version of the game of chance in 2021. The casino customer’s maximum winnings will be x555 for the bet placed.
  • Plinko Stake. Stake’s developers decided to limit the payout to a multiplier of x353. However, this disadvantage is offset by the presence of free spins. To do this, the player has to guess which cell the red or green ball will land in.
  • Plinko XY. One of the most recent versions of the popular game was released in 2022. RTP has a record of 99%, but the maximum multiplier is only x15.
  • Plinko X. My favorite version of the Plinko casino game is because it has modern and beautiful graphics, unlike other game providers. The other versions of Plinko seem outdated.

The choice in favor of Plinko BGaming is obvious. Odds of x1000 give you the chance to win a real jackpot. Well, judging by the player reviews, that doesn’t happen very often.

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