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I saw Plinko on the 1win casino website a long time ago. Playing slot machines with the same mechanics has become boring, and this emulator has nothing in common with slot machines. By the way, 1win offers Plinko from different suppliers.By the way, 1win offers Plinko from different suppliers. Today we’re going to talk about the most popular version of BGaming.

Name of the gamePlinko
Year of production2019
Developer Table games, ball games
Mobile versionAndroid, iOS
Minimum rate1
Maximum rate100
Maximum earnings1000

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👉 The meaning and rules of the Plinko game

On the main screen, we see a pyramid made up of dots. A ball falls out of the hole at the top during the game round. At the base of the pyramid, there are boxes with multipliers. Our task is to guess which one the ball will fall into.

The coefficients are indicated by numbers and colors. In the middle (which is where the ball hits most often, by the way) are the minimum multipliers, reflected in green. On the sides, we see the maximum possible chances. It is in these positions that the game offers the biggest winnings.

BGaming offers Plinko in an unlimited demo version. I practiced for about two hours, but found no way of influencing the movement of the ball. Everything is determined by the random number generator. The only thing we can try is to change the risk level.

The provider offers 3 ball game modes:

  • High risk level. It was in this mode that I managed to win the most times. Several times the ball fell to x29. However, you can also lose a lot. The cells in the middle don’t allow you to win more than x0.3, and you can’t win much with these odds.
  • Normal risk level. In 8 rows, the maximum probability will be x13. The three cells in the middle give 0.4 to 0.7 for the bet placed.
  • Low level of risk. I don’t recommend that beginners bet everything immediately and risk their entire active deposit. In this mode, the player will have the opportunity to increase their bet from x0.5 to x5.6. It’s not much, but in the event of failure, your money won’t run out quickly.

In addition to the risk level, the developer offers the possibility of changing the number of lines. Players can choose between 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 or 16 lines. With 16 lines, the main field gets really huge and, when played at the high risk level, the odds of an open bet reach x1000.

👆 Overview of the Plinko game interface

All gameplay takes place on a single screen. The demo version opens a basic game mode with 8 lines and a minimum risk level. In this version, players can compete for betting odds between 0.5 and 5.6.

It didn’t take me long to get to grips with the basic buttons and the betting control panel:

  • You’ll find three buttons in the page header. Here you can read the game rules, check the fairness of the random number generator via Provably Fair and turn the soundtrack on or off. I play without the music, because it’s distracting and after five minutes it becomes quite annoying.
  • In the middle of the screen, the playing field is organized. It’s a pyramid and a scale of lines. In this box, you can change the number of rows and thus increase the range of probabilities.
  • At the bottom of the Plinko screen, the provider places a control panel. The player can place from 1 to 100 coins in the selected currency. On the left, one of the three risk levels for the next round is determined and, on the right, players can set the manual or automatic betting mode.

I’ve played Plinko in both manual and automatic mode. The mechanics allow you to play 1,000 rounds in a row. I did a series of 100 spins at the normal risk level and in 10-line mode. I ended up with 10 times the value of my balance in black.

There are no other options in the game interface. The size of the playing field changes when you click on the correct number of lines. There’s no need to reload the slot page and re-enter the game.

🎲 Number of lines and Plinko coefficients

Plinko is suitable for both experienced players with a large budget and those who aren’t so experienced or aren’t prepared to spend so much money on gambling. I undoubtedly belong to the second category of players and so, in real betting mode, I didn’t place more than 10 lines. The more positions are selected on the line scale, the longer the player has to wait for the big multiplier to be reached.

I advise you to start playing Plinko in the demo. This will help you try out all 9 variations of the ball game with different stakes.

The table below shows the proportions and Plinko in the three modes.

80.5 – 5.60.4 – 130.2 – 29
90.7 – 5.60.5 – 180.2 – 43
100.5 – 8.90.4 – 220.2 – 76
110.7 – 8.40.5 – 240.2 – 120
120.5 – 100.3 – 330.2 – 170
130.7 – 8.10.4 – 430.2 – 260
140.5 – 7.10.2 – 580.2 – 420
150.7 – 150.3 – 880.2 – 620
160.5 – 160.3 – 1100.2 – 1000

Obviously, on 16 lines and in high-risk level mode, the probability of winning is drastically reduced. Most of the scale cells at the base of the pyramid are occupied by x0.2 multipliers. Even if the ball lands in the fourth side slot, the bettor will still get no more than x9.

In my opinion, playing with the maximum number of lines and a high level of risk is only worthwhile if you have a large sum of money on hand. The player’s task is to place the minimum bets to earn their money for as long as possible. A win by x1000 will make up for the first dozen rounds without success.

It is in this format that the automatic game has its advantages. For example, to get a ratio of x1000 at least once, I had to use practically the entire demo deposit and spend more than 30 minutes in the game.

🚀 How do I start playing Plinko?

I chose the 1win casino platform to play Plinko. The gambling club operator has been in operation since 2018 and offers various slots and sports betting. This casino has an impeccable reputation, a Curaçao license and, most importantly, several versions of Plinko.

It’s not just BGaming that produces this game. By researching online casinos, I managed to find a few other variants. But it was the BGaming version that pleased me the most in terms of graphics, appearance and payment.

So, to play Plinko for money, you first need to register. The owners of 1 win offer two ways of creating a profile. This is done through social networks or with an email and a phone number.

The registration procedure took no more than 30 seconds:

  • First, I chose a coin and entered a number;
  • I then entered an e-mail address and provided a password;
  • I’ve also given you a promo code: coupons from this casino give you 1wincoins, which can be exchanged for cash.

The next step is to fund your account. I deposited money with VISA, but the online casino cashier also accepts money transfers with MasterCard and Piastrix. By the way, you can play Plinko with cryptocurrencies.

The account balance is topped up in three clicks. First, I chose the payment method, then I specified the transfer amount and then I confirmed the transaction in the payment system. The money went into my account in a few seconds.

How can I place a bet on Plinko?

You can choose the cash mode as soon as the cashier processes the first deposit. As a matter of fact, I didn’t have to wait long for my money to go into my account. The 1win was fast and, in 3 seconds, I was able to enter the race to win a jackpot.

When you log in to Plinko, you will see your current profile balance at the bottom of the screen. This is your active deposit and how you spend this money is up to you. I never take too many risks, so I don’t place more than 1 credit per round.

The bet is opened with two clicks. You need to decide on the size of the bet. This is done with the plus and minus buttons on the sides or with the Min and Max buttons. The maximum bet is 100 per spin.

🎁 Bonuses and promo codes for Plinko

Within the game of chance itself, I couldn’t detect any bonus options. There are no special modes that can change a multiplier during a bet. There are also no boosters, jokers or random events in the mechanics. That’s why I decided to play Plinko with 1 prize. The casino operator offers several bonuses to newcomers at once.

The following types of bonuses can be used in the Plinko game:

  • Promotions by invitation. The casino management gives gifts for the first 4 deposits. The amount of the deposit doesn’t matter. A player can receive 200% on any first deposit. I deposited 50 reais and received 100 reais in my bonus wallet.
  • Cash back. This promotion is open to any emulator in the casino section. You can offset your losses at Plinko with cashback of up to 30% per week.
  • 1win coin vouchers. I was able to find new vouchers not only on the official website. Casino representatives publish promotional codes on Telegram and other social media.

Coupons are Plinko’s most lucrative bonus. I checked these promo codes myself. After activating the voucher, the online club operator distributes 100 winning coins. These coins can be exchanged for 100 reais. But the most important thing is that you don’t have to wager this bonus. In fact, you get free money for betting on Plinko.

⚡️ Work strategies for Plinko

It’s impossible to predict the behavior of the ball in the pyramid. I tried to write down the results of the rounds to gather statistics and determine some algorithms, but it was all in vain. However, there are strategies that work.

A cautious approach to small bets

The best way to win at Plinko is to be patient and bet no more than 10 reais per spin. This approach will prevent you from quickly losing your deposit.

To reduce your risk, I suggest choosing 10 to 12 lines and playing with Normal Risk. At some point, the ball will drop to x11 or x33 and give a good return.

Strategy in automatic mode

When you activate the automatic bet, several balls appear on the screen at the same time. The probability of them falling in the same place in the center is extremely low.

I placed 50 automatic bets of 5 reais each. To my surprise, this series of bets helped me make money. Only a few balls fell in the middle and the rest hit long odds.

The Martingale strategy and its characteristics

Using the Martingale tactic in Plinko does not exempt you from difficulties. This strategy will only work if the mechanics allow for an evenly increasing bet of x2. However, this possibility does not exist in Plinko as it is not allowed to prescribe an arbitrary beta value.

The essence of the Martingale tactic is that, after each unsuccessful attempt, the punter increases the bet by two on the next spin. In doing so, the casino customer needs to achieve odds of at least 2. Otherwise, this betting ladder won’t work and, in the event of a win, you won’t recoup the costs of previous losing spins.

I use a combination of tactics. If I lose a round, I raise the bet a little on the next round, but I don’t go all-in. Often, this dynamic helps me to win back and draw, and that’s not a bad thing. Don’t forget the casino bonuses. They also help make up for lost attempts.

🥇 Which versions of Plinko are available at the casino?

The game is currently available in several versions. I tried all the models in the demo, but I liked the BGaming variation the best. This version, in my opinion, has the best interface, an easy-to-use control panel and a functional mobile version. I had no problems playing through my browser, although you can download Plinko as a casino app from the 1win website.

Alternative models have their own special features:

  • Plinko BGaming. My screenshots show this particular version of the ball game.
  • Plinko Spribe. The Georgian studio offered its version of the game of chance in 2021. The casino customer’s maximum winnings will be x555 for the bet placed.
  • Plinko Stake. Stake’s developers decided to limit the payout to a multiplier of x353. However, this disadvantage is offset by the presence of freespins. To do this, the player has to guess which cell the red or green ball will land in.
  • Plinko XY. One of the most recent versions of the popular game was released in 2022. RTP has a record of 99%, but the maximum multiplier is only x15.
  • Plinko X. My favorite version of the Plinko casino game because it has modern and beautiful graphics, unlike other game providers. The other versions of Plinko seem outdated.

The choice in favor of Plinko BGaming is obvious. Odds of x1000 give you the chance to win a real jackpot. Well, judging by the player reviews, that doesn’t happen very often.

✅ Pros and cons of playing Plinko

The unconventional mechanics and unusual gameplay are addictive. I thought I’d play Plinko for 20 minutes and that would be it, but it dragged on for a whole week. The feeling of excitement when the ball is about to hit x1000 leaves you feeling at your peak.

A big advantage is the versatile configurations. You can change the lines and risk modes on each attempt, and this greatly increases the number of strategies that work. Of course, there is no universal tactic, but getting used to the random number generator and winning every 5 or 6 rounds is realistic.

Another advantage is the adaptation to casino bonuses. The lack of prize options in the mechanics is not a bad thing. I regularly use 1win’s 30% cashback, for example, as well as victory coin vouchers. I don’t spend much of my own money on the game, but I still fight for big prizes.

Play Plinko

Play Plinko

Enter Plinko

Enter Plinko

How to play Plinko for real money?

How to play Plinko for real money?

Plinko Pin-Up Bonus

Plinko Pin-Up Bonus

Play Plinko RocketPlay

Play Plinko RocketPlay

1win Plinko

1win Plinko

🔆 Plinko: feedback from real users


José Cordeiro

Já experimentei muitos jogos em meu smartphone, mas o Plinko é um dos meus favoritos. É fácil de aprender e você pode jogar quando quiser. Os níveis de bônus e as conquistas tornam o jogo ainda mais divertido. Altamente recomendado para todos os fãs de jogos de fliperama.



Reinaldo Farias

Saudações a todos! Gostaria de compartilhar minhas ideias sobre o Plinko. Em primeiro lugar, gosto muito da simplicidade e da acessibilidade do jogo. É uma ótima maneira de relaxar e esquecer os problemas cotidianos. Também gosto do fato de que o jogo não exige muito tempo – você pode simplesmente pegar o telefone e jogar quando quiser. Entretanto, o jogo tem suas desvantagens. Às vezes, o controle da bola pode ser um pouco instável e isso pode ser um pouco frustrante, principalmente quando você erra. Seria ótimo se os desenvolvedores pudessem melhorar esse aspecto. Mesmo assim, continuo gostando do jogo e o recomendo para quem procura um entretenimento simples e divertido.



Adriano Câmara

Estou jogando Plinko há alguns meses e nunca fica entediante. Toda vez que deixo a bola cair, levanto os punhos, esperando que ela caia no lugar certo para mim. É divertido e gera uma sensação de entusiasmo.



Nicolas Hamada

Gosto da simplicidade e da intuitividade da jogabilidade. Você joga a bola e observa onde ela bate – é muito divertido! Os gráficos e a trilha sonora são de alto nível, o que cria uma atmosfera de diversão e entusiasmo. Os níveis de bônus e as conquistas acrescentam mais interesse e motivação ao jogo. No entanto, vale a pena observar que, às vezes, o jogo pode parecer um pouco repetitivo após um longo período de jogo. Eu teria gostado de ver mais variedade nos níveis e oportunidades de personalizar a experiência de jogo.



Maurício Mendes

O Plinko é um ótimo jogo! Os gráficos são incríveis, a jogabilidade é envolvente e eu adoro os efeitos sonoros. Solte o balão e veja-o descer pela plataforma. Eu recomendo muito esse jogo!



Há algum truque no Plinko?

In the game, casino customers can experiment with the number of lines and choose different risk modes. In addition, there is an automatic ball game mode, in which the chances of catching several balls with great odds are greatly increased.

Alguém já ganhou 50.000 no Plinko?

The Plinko game has helped casino-goers scoop big prizes on more than one occasion. It’s worth remembering that you don’t have to try to win the jackpot in a single spin. The player can get several wins in a row with average odds and also win a nice sum of money.

Qual é a maior vitória da Plinko?

The game has a fixed jackpot. This is a win on a bet of 100 with a multiplier of x1000. The player will win 100,000. It is not possible to win more than 100,000 in a single round. However, to compete for these prizes, the bettor must activate all 16 lines and set a high risk level.

Last updated: 16/09/2023